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Existing products: fuses, fuse holders, car fuses, new energy vehicle fuses, etc.
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Car fuse holder
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Fuse Holder
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Car protector
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High voltage fuse
Car fuse holder

  • Automotive fuse holders are the mounts for mounting automotive fuses. Automotive fuse holders can be divided into: panel mounted automotive fuse holders; leaded automotive fuse holders; automotive fuse holders. Panel mount car fuse holders are mostly used in automotive appliances, such as car amplifiers, car speakers, car DVDs, etc.
Fuse Holder

Fuse holder refers to the seat used to install the fuse. The fuse holder can be divided into: panel mount fuse holder, PCB mounting fuse holder, lead fuse holder, rail fuse holder, and automobile fuse holder.
Car protector

Do you know how important power is to the use of a car? Many of the causes of the problems are related to the instability of the power supply, and finally become an unsolvable problem. For example, the vehicle's instrument lights, air-conditioning compressors, audio, ECU, ignition coils, fuel pumps, and all kinds of lights and other electrical and electronic equipment need to use electricity to run. According to statistics, more than 60% of the components and mechanical systems on the body need to use electricity directly or indirectly.
High voltage fuse

The fuse is the simplest protection device. It is used to protect the electrical equipment from overload and short-circuit current. According to the installation conditions and applications, different types of high-voltage fuses, such as outdoor drop type and indoor type, are used for high-voltage fuses of some special equipment. The special series should be selected; the fuse we often say is the fuse type.
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GFEFUSE brand is the development, manufacture and supply of circuit protection components, providing safe and reliable circuit protection and comprehensive services for your products. With the vigorous development of electronic products, our company has continuously developed new products to satisfy high-end, advanced electronics. Product needs, existing products: current fuses, fuse tubes, automotive fuses, fuse holders, fuse clips, glass-sealed fuses, temperature switches, temperature protectors, glass tube fuses, ceramic tube fuses, miniature fuses, fuses, power fuses , high-voltage fuses, car fuse holders and other products, can provide you with high-quality products and product solutions according to your product protection needs. Currently we have 2.4x7.2.5x6.3x9.3x10.4x11.4x15.5x15.6x25.6x30.6x32.8x8.5.4x8.10x38.6x40 size products. Voltage: low voltage (6V-115V) (125V-250V) high voltage (300V-1500V), in which the current fuse has glass, ceramic, plastic seal with ultra-fast break, fast break, medium slow break, slow break, slow delay and lightning protection , anti-surge protection and high explosion-proof function, product current range: 10mA-100A, CE EU certification 32mA-30A range, special specifications and current cust...